Costs for owning a Mrs. Fields® franchise can vary widely, but the following guidelines can be used to give you a general idea:

*For full service store
**A complete inventory of associated costs is disclosed in item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). These figures do not include real estate lease costs, and may vary with actual circumstances.

This Cookie Has Never Crumbled.
Mrs. Fields Cookies® achieves our mission “to indulge the world with a sweet treat and a warm smile” by continuously baking tempting cookies, brownies and muffins and serving them warm and fresh.

Mr. Fields opened with one small store in Palo Alto, California in 1977.With Debbi Fields herself overseeing all of the operations, the store thrived and demand for the delicious cookies grew.

In 1990, Mrs. Fields began franchising, and brand won universal acclaim as the world’s premirer chain of cookie stores by offering a singularly indulgent experience time and again.

In mid 2008, the company was restructured according to Chapter 11 guidelines, and has emerged stronger and more competitive. With a renewed focus on delivering quality product and opeations, Mrs. Fields is poised for continued growth and success.

Mrs. Fields® is a well-known and highly respected brand. The role of marketing is to ensure the consistency of the brand message and support local franchisee marketing needs.

The Mrs. Fields Marketing Department works with top-ranked agencies and vendors to develop quarterly promotions, oversee new product launches, and test different ideas to determine those with the most potential before introducing them into the Mrs. Fields stores.

Marketing materials provided to the stores each quarter include:

Posters Banners Case cards Point of purchase materials for holidays and promotions
Merchandising guide

These items ensure that Mrs. Fields Franchise owners have professional and appropriate tools for communicating effectively with their customers and prospects.

Additional marketing materials include the Local Store Marketing Guide, a Quarterly Newsletter, and a weekly email that provides franchisees with ideas and tips on:

Growing your business outside the lease line while remaining consistent with franchise agreement
Using tools to create marketing materials that are brand consistent and appropriate for the local market
Improving performance through shared learning and experiences

Mrs. Fields Cookies® enjoy high product recognition, and stand at the forefront in the cookie industry for on premises, fresh-baked teats. Our customers have high expectations for our products, and we deliver each and every tiem by focusing on the following:
  • QUALITY - The finest ingredients go into every product we sell Our cookies are sold warm and freash to the customers throughout the day

    Mrs. Fields offers a variety of fresh baked products indluding:
Store Types and Locations
Mrs. Fields® stores are designed to reflect the high quality marketing, merchandising, and brand features that customers expect from Mrs. Fields. We offer several types of stores based on the needs of your franchise and area:
  • Mrs. Fields Cookie Stores
      - Typically occupy 350 to 699 square feet of retail space
      - Locations include high traffic areas such as:

    Regional malls
    Central downtown shopping districts
    Recreational shopping environments

    Kiosks/Non-traditional Settings

    Typically occupy 200 square feet of retail space
    Supported by off-site storage and preparation space
    Must be operated in connection with a full-service store owned by the same franchisee,
    usually at the same mall or center.

  • Extended Product Line Kiosks

      - Product line supported by off-site storage and preparation space
      - Locations include high traffic area such as:

    Airport concourses
    Office building lobbies
Training & Support
The Mrs. Fields Famous Brands Training Center is dedicated to the support and training needs of all Mrs. Fields® franchisees, team members and Franchise Support Center staff.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the training center staff and program are highly regarded by franchise owners as a critical component of their preparation for success. The goal of the training program is to build skills and confidence in new owners, so they leave prepared with the knowledge, resources, and perspective they need to operate their own business.

  • Courses provided intensive, hands-on training in the following areas:

    Product preparation
    Customer service
    Muffins, bagels and croissants are available in many locations
    Team member management Financial strategies and management
    Cost control
    Increasing top line sales
Once owners leave the training facility, field personnel are available to assist with questions and additional training needs. Armed with upfront and ongoing training and tutoring access, our franchisees and their team will be beter able to deliver a great experience to customers, and operate at a level that meets or exceeds Mrs. Fields standards for excellence.